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*** tbd ... image due to change ...
this coloration is for club membership design concepts and foundation will be an opening price point design that coordinates with these 5,
in a color palette that appeals to a variety of organizations foundation discussions
and a way to differentiate from club membership
options to consider would be to offer customization, made to order, per minimums with color of blank choices- black, gray or white for best fit for organizational goals

may connect to Program

for review ...



plan it

make a statement

(will be tweaking the image)

the program presents the club foundation:

code - conduct, links - visionary, agenda - plan it, mission - make a statement and motto - practice ... comes with certified drawstring bag
complimentary designs to the clubs membership

we share our foundation formation through the program and offer materials for development
with a template to review customizable strategies for
to establish governing positions
perfect for facilitating group discussions, refresh and review and or on boarding ...
each t-shirt represents an essential element of a successful team,
they can be purchased individually or as a set