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here's the deal ...

clubhouse deck - regular playing cards

each deck of cards will include 2 insignia cards and 2 wildcards plus the full set with 4 traditional suits of clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades ... in a grayscale
each deck/set will have a unique pattern on the exterior

wild cards- dark version/filled in bee-white wild card - community, industrious, efficient / pollinator-ensures seed production, ensures the win
diamonds-fusil- strength, honesty, constancy, seeds
hearts-heart-love, loyalty
spade-leaf-strength, harmony, peace

tbc*** set ups od cards sets with coordinating scare sheets and or tally cards

set of playing cards (insignia)

with - 2 images of wild card graphic/ one black one white as the wild cards

plus some other sets with club designs

***can add more - designs