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the course ...

really meant to reflect more of a seasonal calendar but for initial review of documentation it's in the same order as code

evaluating best assortments and categories and best fit designs ... initial thoughts ...

may be subject to change to fit best fit and flow for rollout strategy

detail: what's on

it's a sign: arrived

course of action : plaid

reference materials: COA, authenticates, insignia, emblematic, symblomatic, black, dark gray, medium gray, light gray, white

documentation: it's heraldry - seasonal favorites

updates: favorites ... status updates

sign in: initial that

sports page
: got game

connections: network

club courses:

wild cards - warm up
plaid - firsts
diamond - main
key - companion
COA - finals

profile: wild card


delivers (goutte design)
line up (bee with a subtle background check design)
cues up
confirmation (harlequin)

key (key)
reflection (perfecto peractum - shield with combo of both stripes)
expressions (bee)
translation (chain pattern)
inscription (paisley - mini diamond, dot within goutte/teardrop pattern)

handbook: stamp of approval

the wave: confirmation

lecture series: framed expressions: bee patterns being used

review: translation

: inscription

definition: argyle

periodicals: emblematic

on display: , crown, vintage

seminar: hosted by

it's a wrap: wrap up

reporting: honor that

study hall:
who said that / favorite quote

card file: toast to that

arrangements : it's on



club plaid:

insignia - bee
emblem- diamond
symbol - star - it's a sign
colors: black, gray, white

expand each course, expand with additional categories - cocktail napkins to match -- deck, garden club, etc, additional sizes-guest towels