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ready set ...

(update it's on image without border lines)

thinking the it's on ... tbc ... watches

after developing the line I see potential for additional designs/styles ...

opportunity to grow this category: whimsy to high style design
decorative bands to high style face designs
initially thought of X marks the spot, tbc ... -
minimized fleur de lis - representing 12, 3, 6, 9 ...

could also have the handbook watch collection of the 5 shields as the watch round/face
with each unique design/latin

but can also add in when the time is right
what's on, it's on, wildcard,
it's the angle - wildcard face design
5 club patterns
possibly some opening price points to match up with club monthly/heraldry foundation
seasonal themes etc ...

would like to have some special features-timer, social event notifications if doable...