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1st of the annual fundraiser event
punch party

it's for the bees ...

celebrating the bee and the 5 products bees make
punch meaning 5
the beverage was first created in India for British sailors
using 5 ingredients

punch (inspiration from TERRA image)
comes with signature bag and tissue
includes the postcard for bylaws

special intro ... tbc 1 t-shirt, one time special coloration as a limited edition to kick start things
evolves into punch as a regular style in the line
comes with two hangtags 1- bee insignia/www.bbwears.com,
2- punch/image of honor that campaign ribbon

(just "worked" through this ... for clarity .... honor that t-shirt will be a feature in its own way another time)

*** the story of club begins ...
the board hosts the punch, a sneak peek/
intro to club ... punch to celebrate the bees,
bee is the insignia of club
with an invite to sign up for notifications
... which leads to bylaws, first set
get set combos, membership,
which becomes code the .... just b lineup
and service project

re the terroir ...

***tbd drink ware:
coffee, hot chocolate, tea, lemonade / cider , punch