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*** evaluating all best fit opportunities,
may be subject to minor changes for best fit and flow

on a level ...

b social b socially accomplished

membership levels ...
designated by t-shirt designs

*** evaluate best fit GWP's

social: (3 designs) designator (open bee), m.o.
shield (club shield striped pin)

associate: (6 designs) designator, m.o., shield,
distinguished, course of action
, it's proverbial

step up: (6 designs) certification, behave, interactivity, b a link in the chain, carry on, COA with motto

club: (12 designs) designator, m.o., shield,
distinguished, course of action, it's proverbial,
certification - unique stamp of approval design
behave, interactivity, b a link in the chain, carry on,
COA with motto
(separate designs from each individual Q from COA, w/plus motto)

(24 designs)

12 club designs +

wildcard (open bee)
delivery (gutte design)
line up (bee horizontal with a subtle background check design)
confirmation (harlequin)

key (key)
reflection (shield with both stripes)

expressions (bee)
translation (chain pattern)
inscription (paisley - diamond and dot and guttee/teardrop pattern)

newbie, martial ready, emblematic

star: founders day ceremony lineup -
(48 designs *** working on best fit designs)

24 key membership designs

+ 14

what's on, exchange, line up, authenticates,


seal of approval (COA surround with scalloped edges), vintage,

who said that (them that has 'em wears 'em)

keep the flag flying, honor that
it's on, aka (club argyle with legend bee with latin saying),

+12 signature pattern designs from :

quadrant - square color block design

by design - diamonds and dots

symblomatic (star pattern)

definition. defines me -argyle
hosted by - queen bee with ermine spots

masquerade (all over dot design with hidden mask within design)

remedy - all over chain design

rank and file - chevron
network - all over honeycomb pattern

armour - chain design

made by made you - roundels and dots / all over pattern

toast to that - all over dot pattern

*** currently 20 -25 pattern designs-evaluating best fit designs

*** will be evaluating best fit item for all gwps ... initial thoughts club star design smaller star on the gwp items, larger on t-shirts, special enhancements on pull for hoodies

*** tbd ... gwp's ... possibly-star hat, travel mug, water bottle, tote,
laundry bag

*** membership members will be assigned a number by level and can be used as a code to purchase b a star items


*** evaluating all levels, note that the star level will be referred to as founders day lineup-will not include situation, city slicker, townie, destination, clues, or initial

*** evaluate all levels to make sure total price point is marketable ... set-ups by design may be adjusted for club membership ...tbd

***evaluate options to feature additional b a star designs sized items like -t-shirt, hoodie, etc and possibly additional accessories like socks etc

each core value will have it's own unique design with just the latin, having the look of an embosser plate

m.o ...... b b est socialis - b there ... b social

it's proverbial ..... ut esse socialiter ... conscius socialis - b social ... b socially conscious

motto ..... societatem esse ... peractum esse socialites - b social ... b socially accomplished

reflections ... perfecto peractum - fully accomplished

aka ... b ad locum ... the place to b

visit the
for club happenings