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master the class ...
enrollment for membership:

***tbd gwps with membership levels

***tbd evaluating all best fit names for sets
price will reflect a savings for sets vs total of individually purchased

the codification:

social: newbie, intersection, plan b, carry on,
the m.o. $tbd

associate: social membership +

mind the manners, in reserve, make a b line, martial ready, mark it

guard : club membership +
wild card, delivers, change up, cues up, it's the angle

club: associate membership +
it's proverbial,
network, course of action, got game, the socials

star: key membership +
regal, armour, plan of action, rank and file, aka

star members founders day ceremony lineup

*** membership members will be assigned a number by level and can be used as a code to purchase b a star items

*** evaluate all levels to make sure total price point is marketable ... set-ups by design may be adjusted for club membership ...tbd

grows into ...

***evaluate options to feature additional star designs sized items like -t-shirt, hoodie, etc and possibly additional accessories like socks etc

*** evaluating all best fit opportunities,
may be subject to minor changes for best fit and flow