U clues
U clues

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The design is a word game the clues tell the story
U clues drinkware
…like a game card...
guess the University (or College)
from the clues in the design.
the game ... is just like b ing in a card game

The design having the look of a page from a book...that's wrapped around a travel mug... white with red text, 14 oz.

10% of collegiate sales goes to support the University or College Scholarship Fund!

A guessing game on a travel mug...
a casual Icebreaker...to name a few: fun for travel, conventions, meetings and party favors.

And with social media share your U story.

U clues is a text design, remembering that one of the first questions typically asked when meeting new people is where did you go to school...so the clues come from the college or university... year established, iconic stadiums, walkways, motto, historic buildings, famous memorials, inscribed words, etc. Incorporating the unique features of each college or university along with words from
college life.

Great for meetings and team building, especially corporate office events and sales meetings.

Share your own unique story...alums, in coming freshman, upper class men, graduate students, professors, administrators, staff, parents fans and visitors!

Host a coffee or party displaying U clues travel mugs and share favorite stories with your cronies!

U clues is customizable for each University (or College).

Ideal for online businesses and utilizing social media streams to reach targeted customers. Universities and Colleges can expand their business and reach alums through social media and YouTube advertising and marketing.

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