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City Clues - Cincinnati
City Clues - Cincinnati

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born there...been there...or just want to b there!

The design is a word game, the clues tell the story ...
City Clues having the look and feel of walking around a city...image on the back...like a game card...
let them guess the city from the clues in the design...
it's a t-shirt game... just like b ing in a card game

b ing stuck on a layover in an airport and wishing I was wearing something to help start a conversation motivated me to create City Clues. I remember feeling like I wanted to b wearing something interactive... the idea came later to me to put a text design together on a t-shirt that was actually a guessing game... this could be a fun way to inspire a casual encounter, a way to meet some new people while traveling. I thought it would work on a travel mug as well.

From my background and experience I am picking up on the trends of the increasing popularity of TV game shows, the ongoing popularity of online games and the continuing explosion of social media and thought to bring a game to a t-shirt.

Also from my background and experience. I can easily recognize identifiable motifs and intuitively wanted to pick clues that tell a story.

City Clues is a text design guessing game that includes the unique characteristics and interesting facts of the city. The clues come from the city's identifiable motifs: year settled, meaning of city name, words or phrases unique to the city, well known neighborhoods and areas, city motto, nicknames, area code, well know foods that originated from the city, pro team mascots, iconic buildings and bridges, well know festivals, etc. Capturing each City’s individual culture and character.

City Clues was inspired by visiting with my parents families in the big city of Detroit, both families were very social but in different ways. Our parents took us to Detroit for family functions, holidays and vacations every year through out my childhood, exposing us to many different cultural events and activities and I still enjoy visiting the
"relations" in Detroit today.

This is where I learned a lot about the uniqueness of different cultures, different sides of town, learning to dance, different ethnic foods, playing games, visiting the zoo, welcome signs, Belle Isle, a city nickname, outdoor city ice skating, festivals, freeways and the miles, shopping, sporting events,
pro teams and their mascots, Lafayette Coney Island, pop, movies and museums. We attended many different social gatherings and there were many more fun things we did and experienced with our family in the city of Detroit.

Early on my parents also took the family on many vacations to different cities, my favorites include Baltimore, Washington D.C, Boston,
Toronto, Quebec and Phoenix.

For high school spring breaks I traveled with a good friend to Houston, Washington D.C. and also took my first trips to Chicago and New York City.

In college I took the typical spring break to the Florida cities, a fun trip to Raleigh, North Carolina and lived in Nags Head, North Carolina for a summer and vacationed in other coastal cities in South Carolina with the family.

This soon fueled the love of travel and learning about each city's beginnings, cultures, nuances, events and interesting facts that make a city unique.

Cincinnati is the first "city" that I moved to after college and I started traveling to all the major cities for various positions for over 20 years throughout the East Coast, Midwest, South and West Coast. And I took most of my vacations during this time to visit most of the major European cities with a few fun trips to a few cities in Mexico, Leeward Islands, and South America. As well as taking trips to visit with friends and family in various cities, some of my favorites were: Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland, Saratoga, NY, West Palm, Hampton's, Vancouver, Tahoe, Lahaina, Palm Desert, Santa Barbara, Napa and Sonoma, Pismo Beach, Carmel, Newport Beach,
Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, South Haven...
I am always up for a fun road trip !

Like my Dad said "she got the travel bug early on", and there are still many more cities that I want to visit .

All of these experiences, along with living in Cincinnati, Chicago, San Francisco and Sausalito for over 20 years combined with some of my favorite classes in school-math, history, geography, art history and religions of the world and interests in food and wine, the arts and photography and sports and fitness have all piqued my cultural view and how I picked the clues to tell a cultural story of the city.

Screen printed gray on a gray t-shirt, preshrunk.

A t-shirt game...a casual Icebreaker...to name a few: fun for travel, conventions and meetings, runs & races, the gym, walks and bike rides...like social media share your "favorite" home team with a guessing game t-shirt !!!

Perfect for corporate sales meetings as an icebreaker, team building events and or welcome gifts.

Can also be used as a development tool for fundraising.

Post a "selfie" with City Clues on...create your own social media game:
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter...
or a fun video for YouTube!

City Clues is customizable for each individual city.

Ideal for online businesses and utilizing
social media and YouTube streams to reach
targeted customers.

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