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for the socially inclined ...

bb club members:
it's "interactive"
events are "casual"
“in” by wearing bb wears...
“like” to post wearing bb wears on social media
“favorites” to wear are bb wears philanthropic products

mission statement: share it while you wear it!

vision statement
: b social...b socially conscious

motto: societatem esse… peractum esse socialites...to b social to b socially accomplished

our fave quote: "them that has 'em wears 'em"

get the nod...

Post a "selfie" with your bb wears on and share it while you wear it...

feature a favorite…or create your own social "reveal" or social media game.

Send us your favorite bb wears pic or video for our social sites:
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

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Twitter Pinterest Instagram

click to send an email: customerservice@bbwears.com

a portion of the signature line sales will b donated to

support the health and vitality of the bees

each design concept and category has Documentation of Registration with
The Writers Guild of America

it's "interactive"