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it's interactive...

Documentation of Registration with The Writers Guild of America:
each design concept and category

the bb wears signature line...coming soon!

the launch lineup:

debut . X marks the spot . coat of arms . it's a sign . expressions . hosted by . townie . city slicker .
got game . links .
who said that? . what's your M.O.? . seal the deal .
it's proverbial . initial that .
. it's heraldry.
aka . the code . mission makes the statement .
b a star .
X's & O's
martial ready.
status update .
agenda . give the gift that keeps on giving .
the dance .
what's on . it's on .
stamp of approval . the definition. defines me . made by .
keep the flag flying . toast to that .

for every product sold from the bb wears signature line a donation is made to support the health and vitality of the bees

additional designs to rollout...

each design category will have coordinating designs and will have line extensions that may include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, socks, drinkware, towels, card games, flags, notecards and note pads...
and more items to come