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the door is open ...

club hosts the annual coffee Gold Star Mother/Family fundraiser -

*** this is a proposal for the label from the wears
give the gift that keeps on giving ... clubs annual service project
for the Gold Star Mother/Family fund upon
approval - proposing

gifting the fund-where on the bbwears website it may just be an authorized online donation site for the specified time period
in the Gallery Room

all proceeds for Gold Star Mother/Family fund-
concept is for the cost to include
expense of product production/event execution-
allowing best possible MU to generate the best revenue opportunity
maintaining appropriate non-profit expense ratio
(this is not meant to generate any revenue for bb wears)
reminiscent of a commemorative fundraising pin evaluate best product fit, initial ideas -
design having the look of a coordinating pin
on- travel mug and or t-shirt and or hat, possibly a flag-opportunities to build on
evaluate best design and color combo,
possibly black with gold and or white with gold
to match up w/GSM pin, concept is to have updated fundraising items
gifting the fund ... in remembrance ...
right after Thanksgiving ... weekend after ... for Holiday season
1-7 day event, something to grow, maybe start with a Sunday... or evaluate best options ... set amt, limited edition, while qtys last /
have an online donation box - gifting the fund/100% of donations go directly to the fund-transaction fee, or
donation absorbs transaction fee
evaluating best fit......want to make it accessible and an authorized payment site ...possibly GOOGLE PAY, payment option/non-profit rates

(inspired by GSM holiday tree decorating at WH)

this becomes an order for the occasion order form - would like to design a better graphic-once confirmed
tbd ... to set the foundation-organized by what to wear/occasion/room - to provide theme ideas

tweaking and working on order and names for each occasion - trying to clear out the cobwebs

order may change due to rollout strategy
additional designs may be added in