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CEO & Founder: Brigid Brady, LLC

bb wears...by Brigid Brady

who is bb? ...starting my own business has always been a dream
and in the spring of 2013 with the support of my family and good friends and
finding a good team for producing product and graphics
I decided to turn this dream into bb wears...

I was living in Sausalito at the time and while b ing stuck in an airport by myself on a layover ...
thinking back it actually must have been 2008...
I distinctly remember ...it kind of came over me...
I wished I was wearing something to help start a conversation,
something interactive ...
this idea was in the back of my mind for along time ...
it later came to me ...a new design concept - a t-shirt game,
and then the idea of a new line was soon on my mind, something I would wear...
this was the perfect time to get started on my new social wears ...
the brothers have helped in different ways ...
one gave me the seed money and the other more with some very helpful hints, including to check out
The Brandery for entrepreneur workshops and the Google translate...
my brother-in-law suggested an ecommerce solution, it was perfect so I could customize and design my online shop
and a very good friend's husband told me about WGA while living in Sausalito, actually well before bb wears

it's evolved into a lifestyle brand that reflects one's own (the wearer's)
identity and the gender-neutral common denominator
is b ing social, with the brand positioned as a social club,
while reviewing some ad copy with me my sister came up with b social

I also wanted to incorporate a philanthropic product purchasing opportunity
wear it would fit ...

after developing the concept I wanted to design a coat of arms ...
to make it official that bb wears is a specialty brand ...
an overview of the coat of arms:
I picked a bee not only for the canting arms, but also as a pun on the business name,
knowing that a bee is industrious, it is also a fashion and foodie motif and
bees are considered to b social and to b socially accomplished ...interactive
the links, also a fashion motif are interactive ...
the perfect way to tie all of the business elements together
then I started to think to myself ...
I think I have a beehive business model and I really like it,
after researching further, I was blown away to learn that bees not only make honey and beeswax
but also ensure pollination for many more plants than flowers, including many plants used to create natural fabrics,
coffee plants, many crop plants and many trees
I wanted the crown to reflect this, actually inspired by a picture I saw online of a crown from The Royal Family
... honeycomb pattern with the diamonds, both fashion motifs...
the diamonds representing seeds ... sown like seeds ...it's interactive
and understanding that there is still a global concern for the bees I decided...

for every product sold from the bb wears signature line a donation is made to support the health and vitality of the bees

I would also like to share and plan to expand through wholesale distribution segments
for casual fundraising and fund development as well as

much to my surprise, after researching more about heraldry, I learned that a dotted circular border represents pollination,
so I was pleased that the bb wears company logo fit right in ... it just felt like it was meant to b

and then I realized I have a big idea ... and I believe in it ...

and I thought if it works for the bees it will work for bb wears!

I think it found me ...

bb wears is and is about coming together

I'm thankful for all of the support, good tips and helpful hints, there are more from family and friends

bb wears is multi generational, it can b a way to reach out to the next generation
all have designs of a social approach and are created as postables to match up with media and social media...
share it while you wear it ...
with b social !

Over 20 Years of Experience:

Representing a variety of domestic and international brands and
designer products~
Including products from ACA JOE, Anne Klein, Azzaro, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Gianfranco Ferre, Guess,
Hugo Boss, Jean Patou, Jessica Simpson, Lacoste, Nautica, Paris Hilton, Roberto Cavalli, Swatch, and Thierry Mugler.

Brick and Mortar & Online Businesses ~
Buying, Selling, Training, Merchandising, Product Launches, Author, Celebrity, Designer and Star Athlete Personal Appearance Events,
Creating & Marketing Promotions, Sales Management, Product and Business Development

With Retail Partners ~
Including Bloomingdales, Dillard's, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, QVC, Saks, Sephora, Ulta.

The Junior League of San Francisco
( Executive Board Member; Treasurer Elect/Treasurer 2009-2011)
P.E.O. (Recording Secretary 2016),
Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae (President AHC Board 2015-2016).

Fundraising for:
American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, Team In Training

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