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"it's casu
al" ... did you get the memo ... attire is bb wears:

  • City Clues

    wear the t-shirt guessing game…
    City Clues…let them guess the city from the clues in the design!
  • townie

    whether you are a TOWNIE or this just happens to b your favorite college or university town…share it while you wear it!
  • U clues

    U clues was created to be a fun casual icebreaker, a way to start a conversation. a A few years after I graduated from Miami University I moved to San Francisco and when I was meeting a lot of new people I realized that one of the first questions that people typically ask you is where did you go to school.

    I thought U clues would be a fun way to interact with new friends, new colleagues or a passerby; to have them guess where I went to school from the clues in the design.
  • U clues drinkware

    b social … share your own unique story
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the bb wears signature line...coming soon!

the debut . X marks the spot . it's a sign .the Shield .
stamp of approval . expressions . "hosted by" . townie . city slicker .
City Clues . it's heraldry . who said that? . the definition. it defines me .
what's your M.O.?
. seal the deal . it's proverbial .
status update . X's & O's . give the gift that keeps on giving . made by .
got game . initial that . the dance .
keep the flag flying . toast to that . fan favorite . concert cues .
the Parks, THE NATIONS . U guess the Prep . U clues . Game Day .
Going Greek . Going Greek & Singing Along, merger

(more to come ...)

a portion of the signature line sales will b donated to
support the health and vitality of the bees
all designs have Documentation of Registration with
The Writers Guild of America